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My name is Reza Fakhraei and I am a medical student currently studying at the University of Toronto. I studied at the University of Ottawa, majoring in an Honour’s Biomedical Sciences. After completion of three years of my four year program I graduated early with a General Science Degree after accepting a medical school offer, and earned a Silver Medal distinction for graduating with the second highest average of the graduating class.

I have been a tutor and coach for years throughout high school and in University. The motivating factor for me starting this blog is to advise others and provide my insight. I was afforded advice from many during my years and I feel this is one way of paying it forward and adding to the collective pool of advice that one can get.

In terms of personal interests, I love to exercise. I started to competitively wrestle in grade 11 and in grade 12 I founded and coached my own high school team which allowed me to compete at city championships and I was able to compete at the provincial level. I then shifted my focus towards  coaching wrestling once I stopped competing myself, and I love mentorship and teaching others, it is a huge passion of mine.

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