The Unofficial Guide to Medical School

I apologize since it has been some time since my last post. I have been busy with the start of my clinical rotations as a third-year medical student, and I just finished up my 8-week surgery rotation. I will aim to make a post soon to highlight my experience and what I learned on my rotation.

What this post is about is an exciting new book that has just released today known as the Unofficial Guide to Canadian Medical School. The Unofficial Guide is a free comprehensive resource compiled by more than 70 medical students from all 17 medical schools across the country to explain every aspect of getting into medical school from choosing an undergraduate degree all the way to how to pay for medical school. I, along with my colleagues, Semir Bulle and Jason Kwan, acted as chief editors for the book, and we were able to get it all done thanks to the tireless effort of all the writers from across the country that were all passionate about sharing information and mentorship. The best part about this book is that it is and will always remain free to access.

I will continue to aim to provide information for all my readers and advice since I believe there is still a place for individual advice, but the beauty about this resource is that it is an accumulation of advice from more than 70 medical students, so it is much more generalizable and you avoid the individual bias you get from reading a post that an individual, such as myself, publishes. It really aims to act as your overall “guide to medical school” backbone with external resources, including myself adding to this wealth of knowledge.

Check out the resource here and feel free to reach out to myself through the blog with any feedback on the book as well!

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