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This is a review of a product that I recently have had the pleasure of trying out, called Anatomy Bootcamp. Anatomy Bootcamp was created by previous medical students that found the anatomy teaching in their respective schools to be incomplete. Studying from blurry, old images along with teaching that focused on isolating certain areas of the body without linking it all to the big-picture can make anatomy more difficult to learn and the material can be fragmented in your mind. Anatomy is already one of the most difficult aspects of medical school with the seemingly endless amount of information and not every school has a quality anatomy curriculum, so students can be left without much guidance, memorizing slides from their curriculum for the test but coming out of it without a solid foundation necessary for future examinations and clinical work. Anatomy Bootcamp is perfect to supplement your school’s anatomy curriculum to help you master the content.

Overview of Anatomy Bootcamp

Anatomy Bootcamp contains several modules on the various segments of the body such as the pectoral region, spinal cord, thigh etc. with video walk-throughs on the respective areas along with PDF notes to review on your own. After you learn the area there are pre-made question banks related to identification of nerves, muscles, arteries etc. and with sets of related questions, there are additional videos that walk you through what the answer is and how you can come to that. In addition, they have an Instagram page where they post “daily warmups” for structures of the day (link below).

Intended/Ideal Audience

In my opinion, the best time to use this product would be alongside your own anatomy curriculum as a 1st and 2nd year medical student. This will allow you to learn the content by seeing things from varying angles and perspectives which can assist you in the learning process and fill in knowledge gaps you may have. By mastering the content through this approach you will be more well equipped for your anatomy tests, and for long-term retention which can come in handy for future tests like MCCQE and USMLE and fundamental anatomy knowledge is also essential for clinical competency and will fair you well when you are on your rotations.

In addition to medical students, other professional students that require anatomy teaching like dental, PA and PT students can benefit from Anatomy Bootcamp.

My Experience and Take

My experience with anatomy is that it is difficult and requires a lot of repetition. I personally had very limited anatomy background coming into med and was one of the areas I found myself having to spend the most time studying. While I found my school had a very well organized anatomy curriculum with extensive information, I still found myself cross-referencing the internet and anatomy textbooks, spending hours trying to concepts that didn’t quite make sense to me. Had I had a resource like Anatomy Bootcamp, I probably would have spent less time overall studying by being able to focus my learning on my weak spots, identified through the question banks. The best way to learn material in medicine is through testing and spaced repetition, and Anatomy Bootcamp has built their platform around that concept with question bank on the content and supplemental lectures and PDF notes for the content that you might be struggling with. When I tried it out, I was very impressed. The video walk-throughs are taught in simple terms, they use clear cadaver images, but most of all, there is immediate testing after you learn the content with question banks, and this is how you can best solidify the information. If you think that anatomy is not your strength going into medical school, or you are a medical student and are finding yourself struggling with learning anatomy, Anatomy Bootcamp might be right for you.

For more information on Anatomy Bootcamp you can see their launch trailer and check out a demo of the question banks.

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Conflict of Interest statement
This post is sponsored by Anatomy Bootcamp. Anytime content is sponsored I will clearly identify it as such so my readers are aware. Anything I do sponsor is something I have tried out and feel could be beneficial to my readers and I am comfortable sharing. Sponsored content also helps to keep my blog running and continue to share the quality content you read for free and will always be free. Nothing that is posted from an organization or product I sponsor reflects my own or my blog’s views.

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