To Preface…

I don’t know how old you are, I don’t know what experiences or background you have, but given you are still reading my post and you found this page, I think it’s safe to assume you are curious about medical school and becoming a physician.

Why do you want to be a doctor? For anyone that has ever prepared for a medical school interview, or has had this question asked of them knows how difficult it is to answer it properly. Outside of an interview or talking situation, for some, the deep desire to become a physician starts very early in their life. For others this aspiration blooms in University when they are studying their field of interest. There are individuals where the ambition fails to truly take hold until after they have accepted their offer to medical school which they applied for because it is a difficult process, and they wanted to know if they were capable. Like many, they then felt compelled to accept it because there rarely are second chances with something like this.

My reasoning behind creating this blog about my journey through medical school and becoming a physician is to educate. I want to give my uncensored true-to-experience opinion on different aspects of the journey from being a premed to a medical student and eventually a physician.

I will be learning as I blog, and you will be able to see my progression from who I am today in my writing.

Who am I?

Call me a med school gunner. Throughout University my friends and I have given each other the nickname “gunner” which according to Urban Dictionary means “a person who is competitive, overly-ambitious and substantially exceeds minimum requirements”.

I grew up in Ottawa, went to the University of Ottawa and was offered an admission into University of Toronto after my 3rd year of University which I accepted and will be headed there in August. My posts about advice will thus be mainly focused on Canadian medical schools.

I’m not here to flex my stats and brag about myself, since unlike many people you do hear from, I am just a regular lazy procrastinator that loves my dog and enjoys to watch hours of Netflix at a time. I just wish to share my experiences with readers to give them more insight in what the process feels like and what medical school really is like, for those that might still be undecided. I hope this blog will benefit you, but most of all I hope that my experiences connect with you.

I will try my best to regularly update this blog with new information, during this summer I will create posts about mostly premedical information and since it is MCAT season, I’ll make some MCAT posts.

Thank you for reading, and until next time,

– Med Student Gunner

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